Sedation / Sleep Dentistry in Carbondale

A visit to the dentist is not always fun, yet it is an essential part of life. If you find that the idea of visiting the dentist or going through a dental procedure fills you with fear and anxiety, then Connor Rivers, DMD may recommend a form of sedation to help ease the anxiety and make you feel comfortable enough to receive the dental care you need.

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There are different sedation techniques that can be used to calm dental patients before and during in-office treatment, or to make them more comfortable for longer procedures. Dental sedation is different from pain management. The latter involves shots and numbing agents. But if the idea of getting a numbing shot frightens you, then dental sedation can help you relax and take your mind off the treatment process.
Depending on your level of dental anxiety, Connor Rivers, DMD may recommend one of the following types of dental sedation:

1. Nitrous Oxide Sedation Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is given before any dental procedure the patient desires to cause a greater state of relaxation. The gas is administered through a nasal mask. The effects are mild, and you will be conscious (awake) during the procedure. Nitrous oxide makes time pass seemingly faster to the patient and represses pain centers in the brain, as well as suppressing the gag reflex in the vast majority of patients. The effects wear off as soon as the mask is removed and you stop inhaling the gas, usually within a minute. Nitrous oxide can be used alone, or in combination with oral sedation if stronger sedation is desired while keeping the patient awake. Nitrous oxide sedation does NOT require a driver for the patient due to the very quick onset/ offset of the anesthetic properties.

2. IV Moderate Conscious Sedation IV sedation can be delivered in a manner that keeps you conscious (twilight IV sedation), or as general anesthesia where you’ll be asleep or totally unconscious for the entire treatment. Moderate conscious IV sedation makes you feel sleepy though you will be conscious and responsive to the dentist’s instructions. You’re unlikely to remember anything once the procedure is over. IV sedation (either moderate or general) requires a driver/ guardian to accompany the patient back home after the procedure.