Oral Surgery in Carbondale

Oral surgery is utilized when teeth have become too damaged to maintain and must be carefully removed. There are very few times when removing a tooth and doing nothing to maintain the bone and simply leaving a space is the best option. The human jawbone will shrink and resorb after removing a tooth in fast amount of time (a matter of weeks and months). For this reason, we recommend bone replacement grafting for all dental extractions. Dr. Rivers is constantly receiving advanced training in the science of grafting to provide the best results for our patients.

Oral Surgery in Carbondale - Changing Lives with a Smile

Sometimes a patient will have many healthy teeth and a problem with only one tooth. Years ago a dental bridge was the best option to replace a single missing tooth, in 2024 the best option for a single missing tooth is now to preserve the bone with a graft procedure and place a titanium replacement root in the old tooth's place (dental implant). Some patients may need multiple teeth replaced. We provide thorough and honest recommendations based on the unique patient presentation.